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Graduation and 3 Months Practical application

Graduation and 3 Months Practical application

Prayer Requests:

1. Provision of the Students Graduation = May 5, 2008

— Vacation and preparation; 1 Month = May 6 – June 1, 2008

2. Provision of their 3 months practical application (after graduation)

— Application of the 1 year Study > 3 Months = June 2 – August 29, 2008

—> The vision and plan is to take the students to the mountains of Davao for 3 months. One of our students, Jonathon Bayawan is from one of the tribes there. His woman Pastor is Sally Onet who is a graduate of CCTC/CCBC-P. Our desire is to apply our vision in helping other ministries for the cause of Jesus Christ. God willing we will be able to do it there.

—> Pray Requests

— 1. confirmation for the vision and plan.

— 2. Or If God desires for us to do it at a closer location.