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Christmas Provision

Christmas Provision

* some pictures are stamped 2005. All pictures were taken in 2007 of December *


—> December 3-7, 2007 – TICP work @ CCTC

— God’s way of providing was… Calvary Chapel Training Center (CCTC) offered the ministry to do some work for one week. Some of our staff and students worked by making blocks along the school compound walls to house earthworms. This was during the first week of there 2 weeks evangelism class, Law and Grace. The students worked morning and afternoon and studied at night.

— CCTC also blessed us by allowing the students and one of our staff to sleep at at the CCTC compound. We were able to save on fair. We were also allowed to cook our meals there. — We praise God for the opportunity to apply our vision in the area of Livelihood.

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— GWBDM, is open and willing to do different types of work. — As God leads and when our schedule allows of course.


—> December 10-13, 2007 – Christmas Caroling for the Ministry

— We asked permission from the CCTC staff and from the Calvary Chapel Dumaguete members if we could do Christmas Caroling at their houses. — The love gifts received were used to help the students to visit their homes for the 2 weeks Christmas break, it was used for the Ministry Christmas Parties, and it was also used for Ministry Expenses. We are blessed along with the ministries that God has trusted us with for those He used to bless us so that we in turn could use it to bless others!

Pictures (all of the 9 pictures were taken in front of Ronnie’s apartment)

—> Praise God for the other individuals who gave love gifts to help with our Ministry Christmas Parties and expenses!