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Christmas Parties

Christmas Parties

* some pictures are stamped 2005. All pictures were taken in 2007 of December *


—> December 15, 2007 – Kama and Puntod (villages in Siaton) Christmas Party

— This year we only had Christmas Parties for the Children’s ministries at Kama and Puntod.

Pictures, 13 Total – Kama Christmas Party

Pictures, 28 total – Puntod Christmas Party


—> December 16, 2007 – Candugay (village in the mountains of Siaton) Christmas Party

— About 10 of us from CC Ticala and also students from the Training School went to Candugay to join the brethren there for Christmas. We had a Potluck Christmas Party and games for the adults and children. — Gifts were given to the Children.

Pictures, 142 Total – Candugay Christmas Party


—> December 21, 2007

— CC Ticala Youth Christmas Party (no pictures)

> Potluck Christmas Party. Many of the youth joined along with much of the students from the Training School (TICP).

— TICP Staff and Students Christmas Lunch (no pictures)

> Lunch fellowship with ice cream.


—> December 24, 2007 – CC Ticala Christmas Party

— Worship, Message, giving of gifts to families (provided by CC Dumaguete), eating fellowship, and games.

Pictures, 33 Total – CC Ticala Christmas Party


—> December 30, 2007 – Sunday Afternoon Bible Study (Town Proper of Siaton)

— Worship, Message and eating fellowship. A few of the couples and some of the men from CC Ticala joined the Potluck.

Pictures, 9 Total – Town Proper, Siaton > Christmas Party