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May-June updates

July 13, 2008

Join Us In Prayer

1. Cost Cutting In The Overall Ministry –– We are reminded of Philippians 4:11-13
– As God provides changes will be made
a. TICP – No breakfast/fasting for students as of Wednesday, July 9, 2008
b. Candugay – (mountains of Siaton) we will use one motorcycle and send two workers to cover the ministries every [...]

gwbdm updates

April 29, 2008

1. gwbdm update
a. We have edited all of our Pages.
And we have also edited most of the PDF files within these Pages. We encourage you to look through the Pages read through the files. Thank you!
b. Extension campus of TICP (the Training School we started a year ago)
We are praying with some people about [...]

Workers Updates

February 10, 2008

Melchor Mondejar’s decision to go: Finished with his internship
Melchor went to Davao today (February 10) to follow the vision God has given him to work with the Muslim ministry with the Bailey’s. Melchor’s desires to plant a church one day in a Muslim area.
Rico Morales’ decision to stay: After six months of prayer
Rico [...]

Christmas Parties

January 1, 2008

* some pictures are stamped 2005. All pictures were taken in 2007 of December *
—> December 15, 2007 – Kama and Puntod (villages in Siaton) Christmas Party
— This year we only had Christmas Parties for the Children’s ministries at Kama and Puntod.
— Pictures, 13 Total – Kama Christmas Party
— Pictures, 28 total – Puntod Christmas [...]

Christmas Provision

January 1, 2008

* some pictures are stamped 2005. All pictures were taken in 2007 of December *
—> December 3-7, 2007 – TICP work @ CCTC
— God’s way of providing was… Calvary Chapel Training Center (CCTC) offered the ministry to do some work for one week. Some of our staff and students worked by making blocks along [...]

Christmas Plans

November 30, 2007

— Christmas is a very big celebration in the Philippines. We desire to bless the ministries by having Christmas parties. It will be potluck style parties.
— This includes all the ministries: CC Ticala, Ministries in Siaton, and TICP; all the Adults and Children’s ministries. — Note: The Christmas party at CC Ticala will be on [...]

CC Jacksonville Mission

November 30, 2007

— Praise God for our brothers and sisters at CC Jacksonville!
— CC Jacksonville did mission work with us, April 21 and 23. Praise God for there continuous support which they show in various ways one example is coming to the Philippines and working alongside us for a few days.
—> This will take you to Picasa [...]