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Christmas Plans

Christmas Plans

— Christmas is a very big celebration in the Philippines. We desire to bless the ministries by having Christmas parties. It will be potluck style parties.

— This includes all the ministries: CC Ticala, Ministries in Siaton, and TICP; all the Adults and Children’s ministries. — Note: The Christmas party at CC Ticala will be on the same day as Pastor Richie’s and JinRose’s wedding, (December 24).

—> Below are the estimated financial needs. The estimated total is 27 – 32 thousand pesos or ($628 – $744). If God leads you to donate, please contact us.

—> December 16 – Candugay (in the mountains of Siaton)

— Children’s ministry: 1 thousand pesos

— Adults: 2 thousand pesos

—> Children Ministries – Siaton (Town Proper)

— Kama and Puntod: 1,500 pesos

—> Sunday Bible Study – Town Proper

— Adults: 1 thousand pesos

—> December 21 – Training In Church Planting (TICP)

— Staff and Student’s Lunch: 1,500 pesos

—> December 24 – CC Ticala

— Adults: 20 thousand -26 thousand pesos

*(includes Pastor Richie’s wedding)

— CC Ticala Youth – 2 thousand pesos

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