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ticp updates

April 28, 2008

1. TICP update
*** Here are updated pictures of TICP. Note: All pictures were taken in 2007 & 2008
—> This will take you to Picasa Web Albums. You can view it there as a slideshow. The gap of the pictures in the slideshow is 4 seconds. You can adjust it to 1 0r 2 seconds.

Trials and Perseverance

November 30, 2007

—> October 2-8, 2007 – 6 days at the Hospital — Ptr. Elmer and Dayen at Siliman Medical Hospital with there son Shem. Shem had stomach problems. After many different types of tests and examinations, it was determined that he had food in his intestines that had not been digested well. The doctor had to [...]