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gwbdm updates

gwbdm updates

1. gwbdm update

a. We have edited all of our Pages.
And we have also edited most of the PDF files within these Pages. We encourage you to look through the Pages read through the files. Thank you!

b. Extension campus of TICP (the Training School we started a year ago)

We are praying with some people about having an extension campus of our Training School in Mindanao.
Who will we partner with? = not yet confirmed in the Lord.
Where will this extension Training School be located? = not yet confirmed in the Lord.

c. Seminars – IBS and Livelihood

(1) God willing we can start this year, 2008 or early next year, 2009.
- i. depending on our schedule (at this time we already have invitations)
(2) Flexible seminars
- i. We will hold both seminars
- ii. or IBS seminar only
- iii. or Livelihood seminar only.
(3) We will use the IBS materials that we contextualized and edited from CCTC. These are the same materials that we use for our Training School, Training In Church Planting (TICP).
- i. It will be done in Cebuano (the local dialect here).

d. New work – in Zamboanguita, it was started Thursday, May 1.

(1) One of our members from the mountains of Siaton, Candugay have family and friends there. He invited us to share the love Jesus with them. It is located 15 minutes from the highway, at the rice fields.

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