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May-June updates

May-June updates

Join Us In Prayer

1. Cost Cutting In The Overall Ministry –– We are reminded of Philippians 4:11-13

As God provides changes will be made

a. TICP – No breakfast/fasting for students as of Wednesday, July 9, 2008

b. Candugay – (mountains of Siaton) we will use one motorcycle and send two workers to cover the ministries every Saturday and Sunday.

c. Zamboanguita outreach – instead of every Saturday it will be every other Saturday

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2. Gardening Property is Smaller

a. Part of the land that we were using for gardening was taken back by the owner. So we have a smaller land to do our livelihood work with.

Click here, Picture of our former garden

b. Pray with us that God will provide for the ministry its own Property.

Praise Reports

1. First Graduation of TICP – May 8, 2008

a. 10 Students Graduated

Click here, Graduation Pictures

2. 8 Graduates Went on there Practicum – June 9, 2008

a. The Graduates and two leaders stay in a tent in the mountains of Maningcao and Naiba. They are applying what they have learned in there 1 year study.

b. This is in connection with Pastor Jeff Martin who leads these ministries. Jeff Martin is also the Field Director of Pastoral Training of Asia (PTA) here in Dumaguete City, Philippines.

3. 7 New Students This Year

a. Click here – Pictures of the Staff, graduates and students

b. Click here – Complete Information on the students (scroll down)

c. Click here – How to support the Students? and What is the Tuiotion and Food and Lodging? (scroll down)

4. New Commitment’s to the the Ministry

a. Eduardo Liloc – Committed 2 years on Tuesday, April 29, 2008 after his Internship.

b. Leonila Pasilan – Committed 2 years on Monday, May 19, 2008 after her Internship.

5. Livelihood – We praise God for the provision in this area

a. God has gifted the ministry with budget to further develop our Livelihood

b. Our goal is to be self-supporting in 5 years. (TICP started June 4, 2007)

6. Student Classroom and Dorm – We praise God for the provision in this area

a. God has gifted the ministry with budget for a Student Classroom and Dorm

7. Ministry Vehicle – We praise God for the provision

a. God gifted the ministry with budget for a new motorcycle

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