God's Will Be Done Ministry


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—> Statement of Faith, gwbdm

—> Purpose and Vision of GWBDM

—> Outline of the Ministries

— All of the staff and their wives are graduates of Calvary Chapel Bible College Philippines, CCB-P. Except Dayen Bungcasan who graduated from a different Bible College.
—Those who desire to serve with us are asked to commit for 2 years. They are required to first observe the lifestyle of the staff and what God is doing within the ministry as a whole. They are given 6 months to do this and during that time they will pray and make it sure in the Lord. Within the 6 months time or after the 6 months time they can make their decision to stay or to go.
—> leaders-workers-and-their-responsibilities-and-their-families

A Brief Note: Ronnie Nickle is no longer working with God’s Will Be Done Ministries. He feels the Lord is calling him in a different direction. Everyone at GWBDM prays that the Lord will continue to guide & direct Ronnie and his wife Nora and that the Lord will use them mightily to further His kingdom. Thank you Ronnie for your hard work and dedication to this ministry!

Below is the estimated needed Operating Budget of GWBDM. It is in accordance with the Purpose and Vision of GWBDM. Prayerfully consider partnering with us as God leads you and what he leads you to do.

—> Operating Budget of GWBDM

— To those that God is leading to help the ministry:
Note from the Director and Senior Pastor

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