God's Will Be Done Ministry

Feeding Ministry/Motor

Feeding Ministry/Motor

Prayer Requests:

  1. Feeding Ministry

  2. Motorcycle

  1. Feeding Ministry

    1. Join us in prayer. We will be adding a feeding ministry in some of our current ministries. At this time we will be doing a feeding ministry in three of our ministries in Siaton. The places are Kama (village that is before the Town Proper of Siaton), Puntod (a village near the Town Proper of Siaton), and Candugay (village in the mountains of Siaton).

    2. In these three ministries we currently have Children ministries and Adult ministries. Instead of just giving snacks to the people in these ministries we will be giving them food that will be more nourishing unto their bodies. The people in these areas are poor, this will be a great help to those in these areas. Most of the parents have a hard time providing food for their families. Some of the parents have a difficult time looking for work.

  2. Motorcycle

What? = Motorcycle: Honda XRM, 125 – brand new

1. Good engine

2. Designed for the street and also the mountain, even on a rugged mountain like the mountains of Siaton

3. Designed to be comfortable ride on the street and also the mountain, even on a rugged mountain like mountains of Siaton

4. Comfortable for Pastor Elmer who has a bad back problem (discs on his back)

When? = as soon as God provides

How? = Payments:

  1. One time payment > cash = 57 thousand pesos

  2. Three payments > cash, monthly for 3months = 20 thousand pesos monthly for 3months

    1. three thousand pesos more

  3. Three years payment plan > cash, monthly for 36 months

    1. about 5 thousand pesos down payment and 2,800 pesos a month for 36 months/ 3 years

    2. after 3years the cost is 105,800.00 pesos compared to 57 thousand pesos one time payment or 60 thousand pesos 3 times payment.

Why? = Reasons

  1. it is a need

  2. it is cheaper than a four wheels vehicle (which of course is more reliable and safer).

  3. the ministry only has 1 motorcycle that can be used. yes a few of the workers have a motorcycle that belongs to their family which we borrow but we cannot always borrow their motor.

  4. we cannot always borrow the motorcycle of the other workers because they are also using it at the other ministries that are going on.

  5. Pastor Elmer’s personal motor is not safe for long distance.

  6. Bus rides are expensive